Perfect Smile based on form and function
The general dentistry practice is located  at 30 North Michigan in suite 804;  the southwest corner of Washington and Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago 
Integrated health is stressed by our office. Not only is your overall health improved, your teeth can remain hard,  glossy and free of plaque.
Our mission statement is to keep your teeth until you are 100 years old...

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General Dentistry Services
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    Our office understands remineralization and the benefit to your enamel.
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    Teeth Cleaning
    Without question the optimum plan is to retain the health of your teeth and gums is a prophylaxis every 6 months..
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    Continued Education
    For the last 32 years, Dr. Moore has attended many CE courses. Currently he is presenting a CE course based in dissection anatomy.
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    Eating and smiling
    Ask us if we can improve your smile. Remember your teeth are meant for chewing and form always follows function.
  1. Remineralization
  2. Guess the age of the teeth!
    Guess the age of the teeth!
  3.  Brackets vs Clear Correct
    Brackets vs Clear Correct